In 1988, William T. (Bill) Coakley started a small, grassroots cleaning company with an innovative vision, unabashed drive to succeed, impeccable work ethic, and a dedicated system of core values.

Operating under the simple premise that anything could be accomplished with the right people, tools, and attitude, Bill Coakley grew a company that consisted of a few individuals that shared his values and ethics into an

organization of world-class service companies that have all become dominant forces in the industries in which they serve.

Today, SMS Holdings stands as one of the premier facility service providers in the nation. From our humble beginnings, SMS Holdings has evolved into a company that provides innovative solutions and systems, and serves hundreds of facilities in a variety of industries and disciplines.

Our Goals


Produce stable, consistent and profitable net growth through extraordinary service delivery, diversifying and broadening penetration of select markets and adding value through thoughtful acquisition


Actively support our communities and charitable organizations through direct involvement and financial support that is impactful to them in a positive way and consistent with our company's core values

Customer Focus/Experience

Proactively enhance client relationships by providing and assertively promoting our superior service and solutions; listening and cultivating a deeper understanding of their needs; exceeding expectations that enable them to focus on their core business


Attract, retain, develop and engage employees who can delight their customers; maintain a culture where our employees are enthused about their jobs and the opportunity to serve others

Services and Technology

Deliver proven service and technology solutions that allow the company to achieve measureable benefits for customers, employees and shareholders

Our Vision

Consistent growth for generations to come
built upon a legacy of service and values

Our Mission

SMS Holdings provides:

Peace of mind to our customers by providing services that free them to focus on their core business.

Opportunity for employees to be part of our family and enjoy their time at work.

Charitable impact strengthening the communities in which our customers and employees live and work.

Security of steady financial results and pride of ownership for our stakeholders.

Our Values

We believe that these values practiced collectively
provide a strong foundation for success.

We will always act with honesty and integrity in our dealings with our people, business partners, and customers.

We will demonstrate our sense of responsibility and reliability to our customers through our hard work. We will be known for our tireless work ethic and willingness to do "whatever it takes" to exceed our customers' expectations.

We will always treat our people, business partners, and customers with respect, from a sense of fairness and a desire to be treated equally.

We will never forget the humble beginnings of our company and will always show appreciation for what we have earned. We will always recognize and appreciate our business partners and customers for the important role they play in our success. We will appreciate each other and the many individual sacrifices made to produce this company's success.

We believe that work should be fun, and we encourage each other to make it so. We believe that it is important to work hard and play hard.

We will challenge each other to set goals, to strive for achievement, and to pursue growth personally and for the company.

We will always act with humility, recognizing that there is no end to what we can accomplish as long as we don't care who gets the credit. We will remain mindful of our good fortune regardless of company size or personal position.

As a company, we will always be mindful of our loyalty to our people, business partners and customers. We are committed to each other.

From our company's beginning, our business philosophy has been God-centered and faith-based. While we will always show tolerance and acceptance of the personal beliefs of others, we recognize that there is a higher order that provides a basis for all of our core values.

"Our passion for doing 'Whatever it Takes' to exceed our customers' expectations drives our success as a company."

Keith Wolken
Chairman and CEO, SMS Holdings

Whatever It Takes


We remain committed to providing exceptional quality and expertise, so that clients actively pursue our services, and employees are eager to work with us. But this is only possible with the dedication and commitment of every team member to our mission, vision and values.

We are proud of all of our team members at SMS Holdings and its family of companies who pledge to do Whatever it Takes to exceed our customers’ expectations.